The best Online casino bonuses at Australian casinos in 2022

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Good online casinos always have some form of welcome bonus for new players to make them easier to get started. This will often be the most important attraction to attract new customers. Those who are new to online casinos often compare simply the size of these gifts and offers, but it's more than that. To ensure you get the best casino bonuses of Australian online casinos (and make the best of real money bonuses), you need to know the different types of offers.

You also need to understand how they work and for which online pokies, card games or live dealers you can use these bonuses to increase your chances of winning. At Aus Pokies we provide all Aus Pokies with the best online casino bonus deals you can find when you read on.

How to find the Best Casino Bonuses in Australia

Here we have collected most rewarding bonus offer and bonus codes from Australian Online Casinos (of course for the Australian market). We advise you to read the promotion conditions carefully before you decide to make an offer so you can be sure it is the right offer for you.

Actually, there is an unlimited number of bonuses, promotions and other offers that players can use to play in live casinos or online pokies. Read below to learn some of the best welcome bonuses offered by our recommended Australian online casinos.

Best Australian Casino Bonuses for 2022


Casino Bonus Glossary

To have a successful start at one of our recommended online casinos, we have a special section for newcomers. Here you will find all the important terms you need to know in connection with casino bonuses:

  • Free points or Comps. These are free points that players receive when placing bets. They are normally 0.025 to 0.3% of all bets made during a given period.
  • House Edge. The advantage that a particular casino has over a player. Normally, it is between 0.05% and 5%, depending on the game.
  • Free Play Bonus. A kind of casino bonus where players receive a certain number of credits and a time limit to play. After the expiry of time, the player usually receives a portion of the winnings he may retain.
  • Minimum Wagering Requirement. The amount a player must bet before he can pay off his welcome bonus or other promotions bonuses.
  • No Deposit Bonus. New players get a small bonus, usually about $10 or 10 free spins for a selected pokie. As the name suggests, no deposit is required to use it.
  • Play for Fun. An option that allows players to enjoy a casino game without spending money. Please note that after the game you cannot retain any of your winnings.
  • Players Club. A loyalty program that rewards long-term players and offers additional bonuses that will get better the longer you stay. Also known as the VIP club.
  • Registration Bonus or Signup Bonus. Also known as a welcome bonus, these are given to new players to encourage them to play at the casino. Usually, the casino will double a certain number of deposits, in other words: pay $100 a one and the casino will give you another $100. The General Terms and Conditions (T&C;) apply.

Free Play Bonuses for Aussie Players

Very common type of online casino bonuses is the so-called Free Bets or Free Play Bonus, where Australian players receive a pile of casino credits or bonus chips and a time limit. The idea is to spend these credits in the assigned time and to retain a part (not all) of the profits at the end. This option is excellent to test the casino and the pokies or card games offered before making a deposit. This is the charm of the free game offer: you do not have to make a deposit to start playing. Note, however, that you cannot pay your winnings off if you have not made any deposits before. This rule applies to any online casino.

Deposit Bonuses for Australian Players

Deposit Bonuses are probably the most common form of promotions at online casinos in Australia and around the world. These offers will provide you with a repayment to your first deposit or other deposits in the form of a percentage of your bet.

However, many new (and inexperienced) players make the mistake to look at the level of the percentage and not at what it means, because there is a limit on how much you can claim. This is how a 100% bonus sounds more tempting than a 50% bonus, as it basically means that the money you spend is doubled. However, if the 100% real money bonus applies only to deposits of up to 100 credits, you will not receive more than 100 free credits. If the 50% bonus applies to deposits of up to 500 credits, you will receive 250 credits free, and this is a much more rewarding offer, even if you have to deposit more. To simplify the thing, the casino usually indicates the total number of free credits that can be used together with the maximum deposit amounts.

Remember that you cannot withdraw these bonus credits and go to an action account. Instead, you have to spend it at the casino, but with a little luck they can be everything you need to make a big win.

No Deposit Casino Bonuses

The most sought after and hard to believe bonus in Australia is the No Deposit Bonus. As the name suggests, the bonus is granted to new players without having to make a deposit to their account.

Most online casinos do not offer No Deposit Bonuses anymore, but that doesn't mean players are not always looking for them. If you find one, it is usually either a small amount of money or free spins at a selected pokies or card game. If the casino gives you money, the amount is usually between 5 and 10 dollars, while you usually get about 10 free spins. This is just enough to give a new player a taste of the casino and hopefully decide to play regularly.

However, Do not forget to read all conditions and conditions. This type of bonus is usually associated with strict wagering conditions for your no deposit bonus and you can't just withdraw it immediately.

Free Spins Bonus in Australian Online Casino

Free Spins Bonus work similar, but instead of credits, the player receives free spins. The main difference is, of course, that free spins are related to a particular game, which limits the choice for the player. As a rule, the free spins are awarded as part of a larger bonus package.

A brief History of Online Casino Bonuses

When the online casino industry started, there were only a handful of casinos available to players. Therefore, there were very little competition and casino bonuses did not exist. However, the industry grew at an amazing pace and soon there was a very intense competition between competing online casinos. The casinos had to do something to stand out from the crowd and the casino bonus was born. These casino bonuses introduced in the late 1990s and early 2000s were not too different from today's welcome bonuses.

Players paid a certain amount of money into their account and the casino gave them additional loans. This also had the additional advantage that the perceived risk was reduced, as many new players were still not sure whether online casinos were real or a fraud.

While the basic principle of the welcome bonus has remained the same, conditions have become much more stringent in recent years. When the welcome boni was offered for the first time, there were almost no conditions and players were able to win a good win very often with the bonus. However, when competition increased and more players began to play online gambling, the casinos could no longer afford to follow this path. There have also been more and more cases of bonus abuse where players tried to get multiple bonuses, or switch from one casino to another to claim multiple bonuses and win each step.

This led to stricter terms and conditions as we know today, including betting requirements, etc. However, welcome bonuses are still a fantastic way to attract new players and give them additional money to play when they play for the first time. Nowadays, many online casinos relocate their focus away from welcome bonuses and to VIP and loyalty programs that reward players for their loyalty to the casino instead of opening an account with them.

Frequently asked questions about casino bonuses

What are Casino Bonuses?

Online casinos tend to offer special bonuses and offers for a wide variety of reasons. Many of these casino bonuses are designed to attract new players to a casino, but online casinos also ensure that they reward their loyal players. These are more permanent bonuses, but online casinos often offer limited bonuses in which players receive a reward when depositing money to their account on a certain weekend. All in all, casino bonuses are designed to attract new players to the casino, reward loyal players and offer an incentive to continue playing.

Are all casino bonuses the same and how do they work?

Online casino bonuses are usually quite different from casino to casino. There are different types of bonuses, including the welcome bonus for new players. Since the industry is quite crowded, this means that online casinos will do everything to stand out, which is good news for players. This will hopefully ensure that online casinos will constantly try to surpass each other and offer better bonuses over time. As for the functioning of the bonus, the most common type of bonus is a deposit bonus used in all types of promotions, including the welcome bonus. In this case, the player must make a deposit to his account and the casino will match this deposit or a percentage of it up to a certain amount.

Can I use my bonus with any game?

This really depends on which online gaming platform you signed up to, but it is made clear when you accept the bonus. For online casinos, it is very important to keep their customers satisfied so they know what most players want. So if you decided to choose a casino that is mainly focused on poker and whose player base is there, you don't have to be surprised if most bonuses are related to poker. However, if your welcome bonus is only a deposit bonus, you can use your credit for any game offered. However, different terms of wagering may apply to the different games.

Do casino bonuses help new players?

In most cases, yes. Online casinos have long recognized that welcome bonuses for new players are a great way to attract and win them. Therefore, an online casino usually reserves the largest and most impressive bonus packages for new players. However, online casinos are also aware that they must keep their loyal and regular players in mood. Loyalty premiums are also widespread nowadays. Even if the biggest bonuses are found in the welcome bonus, loyalty is rewarded with their own rewards.

Do casino bonuses really add value?

We will definitely find that no matter how small he may be. Perhaps your bonus is just a few free spins on an online pokie, but maybe also a few extra dollars on your account - in any case, it offers you more than you expected and improves your gaming experience. We strongly recommend you to use any welcome bonus when you open an account in a new online casino.

Should I choose the online casino with the greatest bonus?

Not always no. All welcome bonuses are subject to certain conditions, such as how much money you need to deposit to your account to get the maximum bonus, and how you need to bet your money before you can withdraw it. It is always important that players read the fine print and understand their obligations related to the bonuses.